Sunday, August 11, 2013

~*Back to School Sale*~

Well, the time has finally come! These past few weeks have been filled with lesson planning, classroom preparation, staff get togethers, and  professional development meetings ! Pretty soon, the students are going to be back and school will be in full swing! 

Maybe the thought of "going back to work" blows your mind. It sure does for me, but remember, routine is good and pretty soon, you will be back into the old swing of things...and you might even enjoy it! 

To soften the blow of those early morning wake up calls (that has to be the worst part, doesn't it?), I am kicking off my back to school week by offering 15% off of everything in my entire Teacher's Pay Teacher's Store! Mosey on over and see if there is anything that strikes your fancy! I have everything from Common Core Word Wall Words, Alphabet Cards, Open House Forms, Number Lines, Behavior Management Ideas, and so much more! If you're like me, every little discount helps and finding that perfect "something" for your classroom certainly makes going back more fun!

Happy Shopping!

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