Friday, July 26, 2013

~*Favorite Pins Friday*~

I feel like I've been away from my blog for way too long! I just got back from my LAST trip of the summer...what a bummer! Now, it's time for me to buckle down and get things ready in my classroom! I haven't done ANYTHING all summer long! I guess my batteries are partially recharged, so it's time to start getting in that mindset! I guess pinning cute stuff is a start! Today, I am linking up with The First Grade Parade to share some great pins I found this week! 

I am in a "holiday/celebration" mood today, so I am going to share 5 of my favorite classroom holiday/celebration pins! Let's go!

1.) Saint Pat's Day Yumminess!

One of my favorite things is baking/making something for my class! I know my kindergarteners would go bonkers for this on Saint Patrick's Day! How cute and EASY and most of all, CHEAP! Cupcake liners, a box of cereal and milk to drink? I love the straws, too!

2.) Christmas Cuteness!

Christmas is my ultimate favorite holiday! It brings so much joy and happiness to the classroom! And the crafts you can find on Pinterest are unbelievable! Every year, all the crafts we create throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas are put in a paper bag. In the past, I have gotten paper bags from grocery stores and written the kids' names on the outside...isn't this cuter? And it's a craft in itself! 

3.) Bunny Lovin'

This is the ultimate cutest Easter pin! Every year I dye Easter eggs with my class and have to come up with something cute and creative for them to cart it home in without breaking it! How cute would a soup can like this look with some Easter grass inside and their little Easter egg? Something to plan for and start collecting!

4.) Halloween Writing!

I found this on Pinterest and think it is a must do to make a class book! The kids would love this, seeing as how they adore Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.! Just think, you could do: Orange Pumpkin, Black Cat, Purple Bat, White Ghost, Green Witch...the ideas are endless!

5.) Don't Forget the Groundhog!

I love groundhog's day becuase most of the children I teach don't know what it is! But, they quickly become fascinated with the idea of a weather predicting critter who lives underground! I found this adorable graphing idea on Pinterest and had to add it to my "to do" list!

If you like any of these pins, head over to Pinterest and follow me: Natalie Melton! I have boards upon boards of school ideas! I have different boards dedicated to every holiday and school activity! What did teachers do before Pinterest? Did you find any exciting pins this week that you want to share? Head over to the linky party at The First Grade Parade and share them! Can't wait to hear your ideas! Click below to go!

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