Monday, November 3, 2014

November Currently

And Currently in Polka Dot Land...

So...currently, I am listening to the television as background noise. I have a sincere affinity for Netflix, in fact, I don't know why we even pay for cable. I recently finished up Breaking Bad, which led to an HGTV binge of Flea Market Flip. After just one week of incessant watching and dreaming ("Hey, I can make that...mmmm, nah, probably not"), I am now hooked on Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine. Why you ask? Am I a great cook? Nope. Not at all. Do I want to own a restaurant? Nope. Do I like to eat? Ding! Ding!  All jokes aside, this show really is surprisingly great!

How do I pick one thing? I do, indeed, have so many things to love! I am, after all, a very lucky girl. But right now, in the steamy mist of Charleston humidity, we in the lowcountry have been blessed by some sort of anomale-esque southern blizzard! How does the weather go from pushing 90 degrees to 30? I'll never know, but I will say, I am loving the cool snap. It was 37 degrees on the way to school this morning! I wore a scarf...A SCARF! And leggings, to boot! It was wonderful...all elastic wonderfulness.

So, I have been thinking since this morning..."I get to sleep in tomorrow!" Happiness for teachers is so simple and borderline pathetic. Does anyone else wake up and the first thing you think of is a glimmer of excitement envisioning yourself settling in for that night's sleep? I guess this is warranted considering I get up at an entirely inhumane hour.Phew...glad I'm not the only one. Tomorrow is election day, which means no school! Which means sleeping in past 5:30. Which means awesome-sauce. 

With this cool snap that has been a welcome visitor here in Summerville, I was pretty psyched to turn the heat on for a change. Well, as luck would have such luck for me. Our unit won't turn on! Which means (lucky me) I get to wait for the AC guy to come and check it tomorrow. Why can't a girl just have a normal day off? We are hoping it won't cost an arm and a leg and that it is fixable. We have had so many issues with our HVAC system since we built this house that it has reached a comical level. 

Does anyone else hate going to the grocery store? I know I do. But, I am in desperate need of a trip to Publix. The fridge is puny. The pantry has nothing of substance. Perhaps on my day off tomorrow I could go.....or perhaps I could have an all day Restaurant Impossible marathon Hmmmmm....decisions, decisions. I'm pretty sure the decision has already been made...

I am so into my new book...well, new to me book, Gone Girl. I saw the movie when it first came out and loved it. I decided the book was worth a try and got it on my nook. I'm hooked. *(teacher moment: book, nook, hook...THEY RHYME!) Dare I say the book is better than the movie? It's a close call for sure. Pretty sure Ben Affleck wins out, but the book is certainly a very close second.

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  1. I am giggling reading your post! You are too funny! I totally agree with you about netflix! I was addicted to breaking bad on there! And I am totally jealous of your having to wear a scarf only one day! We are always prepared for a snowstorm here in Ohio LOL! Cute blog- glad I found you!

  2. Miss Case, what a nice comment! Thanks girl! was 37 down here near Charleston! I was secretly crossing my fingers for sleet---we always get out of school for that! haha!!!! Isn't that crazy? I have cousins in Indiana and they can't believe how much we get excited about wearing boots and scarves. The temps for this week are rising slowly...should be mid 70s by the end of the week! I guess my scarves will have to be stored for Jan/Feb----it gets really cold then! (30s...haha!)

  3. "Elastic Wonderfulness" LOVE that terminology ;) I really enjoy wearing leggings (thick leggings - I know...leggings are not pants) with long sweaters and boots for school during this season.


  4. This cool snap must had been a welcome development back then. Feeling cold this early, and finding out your HVAC isn't up to it may not be a good thing, but having it serviced now instead of later when it's the middle of winter is a better prospect. Your AC guy should be able to resolve this quite easily, unless there's a part that has to be replaced or something. Take care!

    Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech Heating & Cooling