Friday, June 19, 2015

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The most exciting start to my week was visiting my new school! I got to see my new classroom and I gathered up all of my materials so that I can learn the curriculum that my district uses for third grade. I still can not believe that I am going to be a third grade teacher! EEEK! I am partly excited/nervous/scared/anxious/curious. I definitely know that it will be completely different from kindergarten...which will be an adjustment for sure. I also know that I have never been one to turn down an adventure, so I am ready for it. I spent most of my day today revamping my classroom management system. After talking to a fellow teacher at the school and listening to her great ideas, I changed my system a's still cute and still polka dots...and still birds...but it's a little bit more "grown up" (*tear) than my old one. It's very similar to several that I have found on Pinterest. I, of course, had to create my own.

Basically, the kiddos start on blue and can move up to the birdhouse or they can move down. Let's hope we do a lot more moving up! 

My husband and I are thrilled about signing the contract on our new build! We picked out a house plan, ordered the blueprints and have met with he contractor and signed a contract! We couldn't be more excited! In the meantime, we are living with my parents (oh, boy) and counting down the days...which will be a little more than we planned for. Our builder said it will take around eight months! Let's hope we can stand it for that long! Here is a picture of what our finished home will look like:

Having recently moved back home from one of my favorite cities, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the hurt that I've felt this week watching the coverage from Charleston. My heart aches for the families and friends of the victims and I will never understand the hatred that one person can have towards others. I'm glad I can't understand it, because to me, it is unfathomable and completely senseless. I found this beautiful picture and although it doesn't heal the hurt, it does remind me of the beautiful city I just left and of the strong community that remains there. 

With summer finally here, I have been lucky enough to have gone to the beach (North Myrtle) and have been able to soak up some rays. I did happen to get sunburnt, but who can complain about that when this was my view? The clouds look like cotton don't they?

My last Five for Friday share is a picture of my fur baby, Oliver. He is adjusting somewhat well to the move, but he has gotten himself into trouble lately. Just two days ago I was horrified to see that he peed (yes, peed) on the blueprints to our new house (the one you saw in #2). He is a spiteful little turd sometimes. Any time I leave him home and go somewhere with my mom or husband he gets so jealous. Keep in mind that he is completely potty-trained. He does it out of spite. I could create an entire list of things he has peed on out of fact, I think I will:
1.) My husband's couch when he moved into our first house after we got married.
2.) My husband's boxer shorts after he moved in.
3.) My favorite Anthropologie dish towel that he pulled off the oven handle and peed on when I left him to get my hair done one day after school. 
4.) My parent's golden retriever's food bowls.
5.) My parent's kitchen table one night when Ryan and I went on a date.
6.) My husband's side of the bed after he returned from a business trip and was no longer allowed to sleep with mommy.
7.) Our $800.00 house plans---that coincidentally were sitting in the middle of my parent's kitchen table. He did this after my parents and I left to go for ice cream one night after dinner. He is so bad. 
Can you believe this dog is so rotten?

If he weren't so damn cute and love me so much, we might have a problem. He is the most spoiled Yorkie that has walked the earth.

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed my Five for Friday. I didn't have many creative things to share, just a few things near and dear to me at the moment. If you want, share a few comments and don't forget to follow me! Thanks for reading and don't forget to LINK UP to the party. You can get there by clicking here or clicking the banner at the top: Five for Friday Linky Party!
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  1. What a week!!!!! What an adventure going from kindergarten to third will be!!!! Congrats on the new job and on getting to create the house of your dreams! Have a great weekend!

  2. I always love reading your posts! First, your new house (to be) is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so excited for you. Second, that beach picture makes me wanna go back bad...and now.. and Lastly, I love that image for Charleston, and I'm with you - I'm glad I can't comprehend that mentality, but my prayers and thoughts are with that city, those families, and that community. Heartbreaking. Loved your shares! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. You are so right! I DO love your polka dots! Lots of exciting things on the horizon for you!! Congrats! Third grade is what I call the "retirement grade," because it is such a fun age, people hardly ever want to leave it! :) The house looks SO cute!! I seriously had tears in my eyes from laughing about your doggy! Every time I think I need to get a dog, I am reminded in hilarious ways that I don't. I will continue live vicariously through other peoples' stories! But your fur baby is soo cute!
    Very Perry Classroom

  4. The beach looks beautiful. I just got home from the beach in South Carolina and I want to go back!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

  5. Congrats on the big move to 3rd! Last year I moved from 4th to 1st and it was a great switch! It's always nice to shake things up and try something new. Your new house is beautiful! Pets with big personality just make our lives a little more colorful, don't they? We've got a few of those! I'm headed to North Myrtle on Monday...can't wait!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  6. Welcome to 3rd grade!!! This year was my first year in 3rd as a co-teacher and I loved it. I'm one of your newest followers...polka dots, a girl after my own heart. Good luck in 3rd I can't wait to read about your new adventures.
    Polka Dot Palace