Friday, July 5, 2013

~*FaVoRiTe PiNs FrIdAy*~

Pins To "Chirp" About

A little change-o this Friday! I am excited to link up with Cara from The First Grade Parade to share my top five pins from this week!

We all do it...hover over our computers engaging in out of control pinning sprees. I know I do it on a daily basis! From pinning things for my classroom (the bulk of my pinsanity), to delicious recipes, to the perfect outdoor porch d├ęcor, I am guilty of pinning like a mad woman! This week was no exception! Enjoy my pins by clicking on them. Or...follow me on Pinterest and have access to close to 1,000 pins! Whew! That's a lot...and I'm sure some other bloggers could put me to shame! Sounds very "pinteresting" to me!

 What a Hoot!
I found this adorable goody bag that I may use for my open house/meet the teacher night! It not only goes great with my bird theme with the adorable owl topper, but the bags are polka dot to boot! What a hoot! Love it! Click the link for an entire collection of adorable owl ideas!

Shabby Chic Goodness
(and apparent sold-out-ed-ness)
So, I am a TOMS lover. I have two pairs (glitter silver and the white crocheted pair). Also, anyone who knows me well knows that I am a Shabby Chic freak. Anything girly, frilly, cottage-y, etc. and I am going to go goo-goo for it. Well, I happened upon these pieces of cuteness and had a total freak-out which prompted an immediate trip to the website to order them. Unfortunately, some other shabby lovers grabbed them before I could! *Tear* But, they are still cute to look at and maybe they will be rereleased. A girl can dream.

Sweet, Quick, Easy
One of my favorite things to pin are cute gift ideas that won't break the bank and involve a smidge of personalization. Being the lover of mason jars that I am and the great baker that I am (ok, that last part was a fib), I had to pin this adorable idea. So simple, fast, and adds that personal touch! This is perfect for a friend who has moved into a new house or gotten married. It is a mason jar with a rolled up apron and tied with a bow with a recipe tag. Cuteness on all levels!  

One Word: DISNEY
Is it wrong for me to assume that everyone loves Disney? Well, this girl does and anything that involves Disney involves an automatic "ooohhh and ahhhh" from me. So, when I stumbled across this awesome idea (and after the initial "ooohhhs and ahhhhs), I pinned it to keep for the future. Then I thought, I could make my husband do this with me, right? This pin basically led you to a forum in which a very crafty mom made certain nights Disney movie nights, involving a special menu and activities revolving around a Disney movie. This particular picture is from Peter Pan night. Unfortunately, the link no longer works, but I figure we are teachers and can use our imaginations! I would kill for some Peter Pan Pirate Ship Pizza with Pixie Dust right about now, wouldn't you? I can already imagine some Cinderella inspired cupcakes!

(Who doesn't like to laugh?)
So, here are three Pinterest funnies that made it onto my *LOL* board. They all, in their own way, shed some light on the complex nature of my personality (i.e.- I forget to take attendance and am still hung up on Noah Calhoun, I am a cheese hog, and I consider pants optional).

I hope these pins were somewhat entertaining! I love me some Pinterest, so head over and follow me on there! But, beware, because I may stalk your boards in return! Want to share your pins? Head on over to Cara's blog, The First Grade Parade (click the icon below) and share some of your "pinteresting" finds!

Happy Pinning and Blogging on this fantastic, fabulous Friday!

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