Friday, July 12, 2013

*~FaVoRiTe PiNs FrIDaY!*~

Wow! What a busy week it has been! I am just now starting to get in the mindset that school will start back in less than a month (*tear*)but I have been amping up my own professional development by pinning some cute ideas on Pinterest! I am excited to link up with The First Grade Parade and share my top five pins that I found this week! So, here we go!

Have You Made a Ziploc Quilt Today?

I saw this cool idea and had to pin it! How neat would it be to get some adorable or funky duct tape (they make so much of it now) and make a class quilt with ziplocs? Simply slip student work inside to display! No more staples or tape...genius! 

Have You Given a Mouse a Cookie?

I just recently finished up my If You Give a Mouse Cookie thematic unit and saw this adorable craft to go with it on Pinterest! I think I may have to pencil this craft into my schedule for the first or second week of school! Cute!

Awwww.....More Cuteness!

A few weeks ago I posted my Kissing Hand Unit on my blog and the other day, I found this adorableness to go along with it! Don't you think the kids would love this on the first day of school? It is so sweet (both literally and figuratively).

Hungry Yet?

So, one of my favorite topics to pin about on Pinterest are recipes! I love to eat and I TRY to cook, so anytime I come across a yummy looking recipe, it gets itself pinned! I came across this recipe and had to pin it! I actually made these and they turned out DELICIOUS! You should try them, too! They are chicken roll-ups-- cream cheese, boiled/shredded chicken, cheddar cheese and a ranch packet rolled up into a crescent of deliciousness!

Laughter is Good for the Soul!

I love pinning funny pictures and sayings that bring a smile to my face, especially if they involve animals. Needless to say, this one did both! It's a little dorky, but I'm sure you laughed too!

Thanks for reading my Favorite Pins Friday post! Did you pin anything "pinteresting" this week? If so, head over to the linky party and share your pins! Click below!


Have a fantastically fun weekend,


  1. I've pinned the chicken roll-up too! It looks so yummy!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

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