Tuesday, July 16, 2013

~*Liebster Award!*~

~Drumroll please!~ 

First of all, let me start by saying this whole "blog thing" has been one of my new favorite things to do! I love linking up, reading other blogs, and especially connecting with people! When I get a comment on my blog or see that I have another follower, I instantly have a smile come to my face! Blogging makes you feel good, doesn't it? You get a chance to express yourself, share your ideas and see what others are doing! Like all teachers, I love to beg, borrow and steal! My fellow Charlestonian, Ms. McEachern from It's a Core Thing so sweetly nominated me for the Liebster Award! What a nice honor to have! Thanks girlie for nominating me! Her blog is adorable and she has some really cute ideas! To check it out, click on the award she gave me to link back to her page! Isn't the award ahhhhmazing?

So, this is my first award nomination and I am pretty excited about it! Let's hope I do it right. Here we go! Let's start with the Liebster rules (feel free to grab this graphic for yours):

~Questions For Me:~

1.) What kind of oreos do you like? 
    Oh wow! How do I pick just one? If I was forced to pick (and 
    was given a tall glass of cold milk) I would have to go with
    Double Stuf Oreos! Mmmmmm Mmmmm! Good!

2.) What woudld your dream vacation be?
    I love to travel, so choosing a dream vacation is tricky! 
    I would love to travel to a faraway country like Australia.
    However, packing up the car and going to Disney with my 
    entire family, including my 2 1/2 year old  niece and nephew   
    sounds pretty amazing, too!

3.) What was your first cd?
    Ooooh....this one is tough. I believe my very first cd was a
    Garth Brooks cd when I was little. I believe I stole it from
    my mom! I'm still a huge fan!

4.) What made you decide to start blogging?
    Well...I actually started a blog about a year ago called 
    "Kindergarten Tweethearts." I loved it, but I also started
    my Master's degree at the same time, so the blog took the
    back burner! This year I started up my TpT store and wanted
    a new and improved blog to go with it, so I started up this
    one and I love it!

5.) What is your favorite TV commercial?
    It seems like commercials start getting better and better! I
    love the AT&T commercials with the little kids. They always
    crack me up! I also like the Progressive commercials with 

6.) Are you a fan of a specific sports team?
    I don't really follow professional sports, but I do love the
    USC Gamecocks! I also somewhat follow pro tennis. My favorite
    tennis player is Nadal! 

7.) What is your favorite local restaurant?
    I love the Ice House here in Summerville, but I also love, 
    love, love Halls Chop House in downtown Charleston! I've
    only eaten there once, but it was so fantastic, I dream
    about going back!

8.) If I came to visit your city, what would I absolutely have to 
    do while I was there?
    If you came to Charleston, you would have to see Rainbow Row
    and the battery! You would need to sit in the swings at Water
    front Park, take a carriage ride, and eat at Halls Chop 
    House! Among so many other amazing things!

9.) Who was your most influential teacher and why?
    I have been lucky to have many amazing teachers! I have two 
    favorite teachers--one is my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. 
    Howiler. She was always so caring and giving and PATIENT! I
    also loved my highschool French teacher, Mrs. Alford. She 
    was so talented and made me so interested in foreign 
    languages! I loved hearing her speak French!

10.) What does your spouse and friends think about your blog?
     My husband thinks it's great because it makes me happy and
     I get so excited about it! In fact, he created it for me!
     He is so "techy." He had some reservations about the name,
     but I was adamant that it was cute and I wanted it! Some of 
     my friends are also bloggers and my other friends think it's
     great! My family loves keeping up with me through it!

11.) What was your favorite teaching moment?
     There are just so many! I have two favorite moments. I had
     one sweet child who was adamant that when he grew up he 
     wanted to be a kindergarten teacher just like me! How sweet!
     Another moment came when I was teaching about MLK Jr.! I 
     brought two eggs to class-- one brown, one white. We talked
     about what they looked like on the outside (different), then
     we cracked them open and looked at the inside (the same). 
     After explaining the concept of "It's what's on the inside
     that counts" one of my students said, "So, we are all like 
     presents. We are all gifts on the inside. The wrapping paper
     is just different." My jaw dropped open! How insightful and
     beautiful for a five year old! I'll never forget that and I 
     plan to use that simile for years to come!

12.) (Extra Question) I student taught in first grade! Now I'm
      in kindergarten and love it just as much!

~A Little Randomness About MOI!~

1.) I LOVE the color pink! You wouldn't know it by looking at my blog, but it is my ultimate favorite color! I chose to do red and white polka dots in my classroom because I figured the little guys wouldn't appreciate all the girly pinks! So, I compromised with red! Red's good and super cute in my K classroom, but PINK is utterly fabulous!
2.) I have the cutest little Yorkie, Oliver, who is spoiled to the core! I also have a lop eared pet bunny named Buttons who weighs the same as Oliver (7.8 lbs!)
3.) My husband and I recently built our first home together! We love it! It is shabby chic and perfect for us! You can see a picture of it in my About Me section!
4.) My life motto is: "Be a warrior, not a worrier!" I have an autoimmune disorder that affects my platelet counts (ITP). But, I don't let it get me down! I have to treat it and be cautious, but overall, I try to keep a positive outlook! I have so much to be thankful for!
5.) I recently began a new adventure in trying to "eat clean." This is very hard to do for a junk foodie and diet coke addict. I must say, I haven't had a diet coke in exactly 13 days...phew! I am trying to stay healthy! It's so hard sometimes!
6.) One thing that makes me happy is fresh flowers! I almost always have four or five vases around my house with fresh flowers in them. It's the little things that make me happy!
7.) My husband and I have been together for 11 years! We started dating when I was a junior in high school! We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on April 16th!
8.) One of my favorite channels to watch on TV is Investigation Discovery! I love the shows during the day but hate them at night because I get scared!
9.) I love iced tea! It is my drink of choice. I love a little sugar and lots of lemon to make it perfect! Mmmm!
10.) If you've read my blog you have read that I am obsessed with polka dots, birds, and mason jars! Go figure...I know I can't be the only one! :)
11.) My favorite stores in random order are: Loft, Target, Anthropologie, Garden Ridge, HomeGoods, and Urban Outfitters!

Again, I want to thank Ms. McEachern from It's a Core Thing for nominating me! You made my day and I have had so much fun answering your questions! Thank you for my nomination! So, I am going to go ahead and pass it forward and nominate...

~Questions For My Nominees~

1.) Where did you go to college? How was it?
2.) What is your favorite movie and why?
3.) If you could go on a shopping spree, where would you go and  
4.) If you could visit anywhere in the United States, where would
    you go and why?
5.) Where do you teach and what makes it awesome?
6.) Name two things that makes your job enjoyable and amazing.
7.) Name two things that makes your job (at times) frustrating
    and difficult.
8.) Do you have any pets? Tell me about them. If not, what pet
    would you have if you had to choose?
9.) What is your favorite recipe?
10.)If you weren't an amazing teacher, what job would you choose?
11.)Name one simple pleasure that you love in life (like fresh 
    flowers or a big diet coke!)
12.)Bonus Question: What is your favorite thing to do during the 


  1. I love your egg idea!! That is so smart! I will definitely be using that in my classroom! And that sweet student!!! OMG, things like that make my heart melt!

    1. Thanks so much for nominating me! It really made my day! Yes, my heart is still melted from that one! So sweet! :)