Saturday, June 15, 2013

At it Again!

Well, it looks like I'm at it again! Seeing as how I got terribly sunburnt yesterday, I am lounging on the balcony today and taking it easy. I am so pasty and white that if I step out onto the beach for 10 minutes I get pink! Needless to say I was practically out there all day yesterday, so I am hurting today. I don't know how long I can stay away, though. I am sure I will end up out there in the water at some point later this afternoon...maybe when the sun isn't so blazing hot! Anyways, to pass the time, I started making my new job chart icons for next year. I have a job chart with library pockets (red with white polka dot pockets to be exact). On top of the pockets, I have a label of sorts illustrating the specific job. I decided to make some new ones to revamp it a bit. Here is what I have made so far!

I am loving the polka dots and bows. I think these will look super cute on my job chart. So far here are the jobs that I have: Line leader, door holder, caboose, calendar helpers, weather helpers, snack helpers, sweepers, table washers, paper helper, center helpers, attendance helpers, Ipad helper. Are there any other great jobs that I am forgetting? If so, comment and help me out! Also, these look a little blurry on here, but they are much clearer on my computer...go figure. Happy blogging!

*Chirp Chirp!*

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