Monday, June 24, 2013

~*Made it Monday 6/24*~

Hey Everyone! I hope this Monday finds you well! I have been pretty busy lately making some goodies for my classroom! Today I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics to share one of my crafts!  Let the sharing begin!

I have to share a craft that I made for my classroom! A few Mondays ago I was hanging out at the linky party and visiting other amazing blogs to get ideas. I stumbled upon Rowdy in Room amazing blog that I love to follow. (Click on the link to go and visit Nicole's amazing blog). Well on this blog, I saw Nicole's idea of making survey boards for the classroom using magnetic pizza pans. I absolutely loved the idea but decided to tweak it a little and create a magnetic pizza pan daily schedule. I have always had a visual schedule in my room, but I have used velcro in the past, which tends to rip and tear my poster board. So, I thought, why not use magnets? So, here is my step by step daily visual schedule.

1.) I bought the supplies about a week ago. The owl-themed fabric came from Jo-Ann's Fabrics. I also bought the Mod Podge there, as well as the red and white polka dotted scrapbook paper. The pizza pan is from Wal-Mart for around $3.50! Can't beat that! And is magnetic. I made sure to check before I bought!
So the supplies needed:
1.) Pizza Pan
2.) Fabric
3.) Scrapbook paper or tissue paper
4.) Scissors
5.) Glue gun and glue sticks
6.) Mod Podge

2.) The first step was to cut the scrapbook paper to size and mod podge it to the pizza pan. I made sure to REALLY mod podge the paper on. I put several coats under the paper and several on top to make sure it gave it that "glossy" finish. (Make sure whenever you buy Mod Podge you get the finish you like. They sell matte or gloss.)
Pan and Scrapbook pieces
Let the Mod Podging Begin!
I love me some Mod Podge!

I didn't worry too much about the edge because I knew they would be covered up with the ruffles, which brings me to step #3.

3.) After mod podging and letting it dry a bit, I got my glue gun nice and hot. Using the fabric I purchased, I cut it into about six inch strips (about 1-2 inches wide). Using the glue gun, I scrunched the fabric and glued it around the edge of the pizza pan creating the "ruffles."
Cut Strips

The "Ruffle" Effect
First Ruffle

4.) As you can see, my first ruffle did not really cover the edge of the pan because I started it too far inside. So, I decided to add another ruffle to it to make it appear fuller and to cover the silver pan edge. Here is a picture of the pan with the second ruffle. 
Doubled Ruffle

5.) I really like how the second ruffle filled it out. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I have to "doll up" anything I make. So, using some left over fabric, I made a cute little bow and glued it to the top. Here is the finished product:


6.) Now, my PLAN is to print out my schedule cards. I have made them, but haven't printed them because I am not sure what my schedule will look like exactly. I probably won't know until the end of July. However, I am going to have cards that look like this (They will be sized to fit around the pan):


I plan to put a small magnet in the corner of each card. When the task is complete, the Schedule Helper will turn it over and this is what the back will say:
This way, the students will know what we have done. I am thinking about making a cute sign to place above or in the middle of the pan saying: "Our Schedule" ""Time Flies When We're Having Fun"--this ties in my theme-- BIRDS! When I finally print and create the time cards, I will post the FINAL product. 

I hope everyone enjoyed my Monday Made It! I guess I'll go and do laundry now! But before I go, don't forget to head over to 4th Grade Frolics and share what YOU did on this Magical Made It Monday! Click below to "fly" on over!


Here's to a fantastic week!
Thanks for reading,


  1. Very cute! Now you have inspired me to do something more with my daily schedule!

  2. I used round pizza pans for a lot of projects last summer - now I will be adding your ruffles to them. :) Thanks so much!

    I Love My Classroom

    1. Emily, it just makes it so cute! Who pans! Genius! Rowdy in Room 300 has some cute pizza pan ideas like a daily survey that is adorable! That is where I got my idea! :)

  3. So very cute! I would have never thought of that!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Me either Jennifer! I saw something similar to it on Nicole's blog (Rowdy in Room 300). She made a survey board with it and I thought why not a visual schedule? Easy! Thanks for your compliments :)

  4. Keep coming back to your blog & for more adorable-ness. Loving this! How cute! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Kelly,
      Thank you so much! You are always so kind! There are a few blogs I check in on frequently and yours is one of them! Thanks again for your nice comments! :)