Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday!

~Five for Friday~

Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited that it is Friday and the weekend, but I am secretly lamenting how quickly my first week of summer came and went! It is already going way too fast! I had a fantastic week to say the least. Here are my top five!

1.) I know it isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but I bought a few goodies for my house that I can't wait to put out. I did some shopping for my back screened in porch and found a ceiling fan on sale at Lowes and an amazing area rug from Tuesday Morning!
My rug is just like this one, but it is a sage green instead of black! 

2.) Another exciting house addition are my awesome curtains that are finally finished! I am absolutely in love with them! They are so perfect for my space! Here is a picture of my living room:

3.) Coming in at number three this week is the awesome fact that I got to spend my entire day lounging in the sand at North Myrtle Beach! The water felt great and the sun felt even better! I'm pretty excited to repeat the process again tomorrow!

4.) My number four is for my movie date night I had with my husband this week! We actually skipped dinner and went and got a HUGE bucket of popcorn (you know one of those buckets you look at and think..."My God, who needs that much popcorn?") and two gigantic drinks. It was MORE than going to dinner! But, it was super fun and we saw a pretty hilarious movie. If you liked the Hangover, I suggest seeing Hangover 3. It was way better than the second one and was pretty crude and hilarious. Not to mention Bradley Cooper is in it....added bonus!       You're welcome....

5.) And last, for my Five for Friday, I want to reblog about my cute number line that I made this week. I am excited to print these out for my classroom this coming year! Head over and check them out in my TpT Store! 

Head on over to DoodleBugs teaching and share what you did on your Five for Friday! Click below!
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  1. I sure wish that I lived by the beach. I would love to sit and relax on the beach. That would be such a blessing. Loved reading your post and I love your curtains also. I am re-doing my dining room right now and the chair seats and curtains are my projects for the summer. I think I know what material I want. Now I need to see how much it is going to cost to buy it all. Take Care.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

    1. Hey Tammy! I do feel very lucky to live so close to the beach. Have you ever visited SC? I live in Charleston which is surrounded by beaches. I also love to come up to Myrtle Beach which is about 2 hours north of Charleston. I actually got burnt pretty bad yesterday, so I am going to take it easy today and only stay out for a little bit! Thanks for your sweet comments about my curtains! I love them, too! I had so much fun picking out the patterns. I actually got them on sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics. They were pretty pricey originally, but I scooped them up their Memorial Day Sale- 50% off! I am sure they will be having another sale soon! So, just keep checking! Thanks for your nice comments! I always get excited to see comments on here!

  2. What a fulfilling week! I love finding new things for my house too.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Jennifer,
      Isn't it great to find that perfect accessory? They recently opened up a Garden Ridge about 1 minute from my school! Have you ever been to a Garden is any house decorator's fantasy!!

  3. What a great week! Personally, I think popcorn and a movie with my husband sounds great! Good idea! I checked out your number line and like how you have made the borders different. Cute!

    1. Sandy,
      Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I teach kindergarten and a portion of our calendar time is dedicated to adding numbers to count the days of school. For the past four years I have used post it notes around the perimeter of my room. My classroom is tiny to begin with and the post its just make it look cluttery and messy. So, I decided to make these numbers instead. I'm glad you liked the borders, too! It always takes me forever to decide what background I like on the stuff I make! Thanks for your nice comments on here! :)

    2. Oh, and the popcorn was to die for! I know the bucket is huge, but my husband and I ate almost the entire thing!!! It was definitely a fun way to see the movie...heck, it lasted the entire movie!

  4. Love the curtains! This was my first week of summer as well and I'm already wanting it to slow down!!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  5. You have a really cute blog. I love the dots. Your curtains are super cute. It makes me want new curtains.
    Curious Firsties