Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WaCkY WeDnEsDaY!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Proof Is In the Pudding~~~~~~~~~~
So, obviously, I have said a few times on here (about 12432342 times) that I love birds and polka dots. But, I have never really proven this fact. I decided to go on a little camera field trip around my house. I didn't take any pictures of my classroom...that fun will come later. I guess you could technically call me the "crazy bird lady," but I just can't help it! I just have "a thing" for birds. 

Here are some beau-tweet-ful bird items found in my house! 


                 Notebook Love---So cute! I take 
                  this to faculty meetings, etc. 
                From Walmart! I couldn't resist it!

                 Cutesy Bird Cage Picture Holder---
                    I recently received this
                    as a sweet house warming
                  gift! Now to find the perfect
                          spot for it!

              New curtain rod for my living room...
                   bird inspired, of course!

                                                                   What a hoot!
               My contact case...from Kirkland's!

Birds are great aren't they? 
Thanks for reading!
*Chirp, Chirp!*

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