Monday, June 3, 2013

Made it Monday!

"One day, two half day, two half day, two half days." This has been my mantra all morning long! The end is so close I can taste it! The beach is calling my name! With all the hubbub that the end of the year brings, I actually had a relaxing weekend and actually had time to make some cute stuff! I love making new stuff! And the best part? I already sold some of it! It sure makes a depressive Monday better to know that there are teachers out there who appreciate and want to use my products! Pretty cool, indeed! 

I am excited to link up with 4th Grade Frolics for today's linky party! I am loving her potting bench and adorable crate chairs that she made. Too cute! Anyways, aside from making Godiva chocolate chip brownies yesterday (Oh my gawd...delish), I haven't been feeling the crafty bug lately. However, the quicker I pack up my classroom, the more I feel the urge to make some more cute stuff for next year. I am usually a craft machine. I love making things, but recently, I have been more interested in making stuff for my classroom in the area of center games and end of the year activities. Yesterday I had a chance to sit and relax and make another End of the Year packet with things that will "keep little hands and minds busy." I already posted about that  yesterday under the title, "Sunday Funday!" 

So...what have I made lately? Well, I haven't made them I guess you could call this a half-way "made it" but I plan on making curtains for my dining room and living room. It just so happens that I found the most adorable Waverly fabric at the brand new Jo-Ann Fabric's here in Summerville. It was PERFECT! So, for a "graduation present" for finishing up my Master's my awesome mom bought the fabric and is planning on helping me make my curtains. Let's just pretend they have already been made :)
*Dining Room*

*Living Room*

The best part is that I snagged the fabrics during their 50% off Memorial Day sale! Yippee! I do love a bargain...and a cute bargain at that! 
Be sure to check out what other awesome bloggers have done on this fantastic Made it Monday by visiting the button below, 4th Grade Frolics! And don't forget to follow me, too! I am in desperate need! Here's to a Terrific Tuesday tomorrow! Happy Blogging!

*Chirp, Chirp*


  1. Okay, your blog is precious. :) Welcome to Blog World. :) I'm your newest follower. The colors caught my attention right away!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. Brandee!
      Thank you so much! My husband made it for me after I bugged him for a while! That really makes me smile! What a sweet comment! Thanks so much! I am heading over to yours now to follow you, too! :0)